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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Raichur Pincode / Post Office Search (RAICHUR, Karnataka)

Alkur B.O 584140RaichurKarnataka
Arshangi B.O 584113RaichurKarnataka
Askihal B.O 584102RaichurKarnataka
Athnur B.O 584136RaichurKarnataka
Atkur B.O 584102RaichurKarnataka
Bichal B.O 584140RaichurKarnataka
Chandrabanda B.O 584102RaichurKarnataka
Channahalli B.O 584128RaichurKarnataka
Chicksugur B.O 584134RaichurKarnataka
Deosugur B.O 584170RaichurKarnataka
Dinni B.O 584103RaichurKarnataka
Dongarampur B.O 584135RaichurKarnataka
Gandhal B.O 584140RaichurKarnataka
Ganjahalli B.O 584170RaichurKarnataka
Ghanmur B.O 584135RaichurKarnataka
Gillesugur B.O 584140RaichurKarnataka
Gonhal B.O 584134RaichurKarnataka
Gunjahalli S.O 584140RaichurKarnataka
Hanamapur B.O 584202RaichurKarnataka
Hembarhal B.O 584134RaichurKarnataka
Hirapur B.O 584202RaichurKarnataka
Hospet B.O 584134RaichurKarnataka
Idapanur B.O 584140RaichurKarnataka
Jegarkal B.O 584134RaichurKarnataka
Julumgera B.O 584133RaichurKarnataka
Kadlur B.O 584170RaichurKarnataka
Kalmala S.O 584136RaichurKarnataka
Kamalapur B.O 584133RaichurKarnataka
Katlatkur B.O 584102RaichurKarnataka
Korthakunda B.O 584135RaichurKarnataka
Kudlur B.O 584135RaichurKarnataka
Kuruvapur B.O 584102RaichurKarnataka
Maliabad B.O 584103RaichurKarnataka
Manjerla B.O 584133RaichurKarnataka
Manslapur B.O 584134RaichurKarnataka
Matmari S.O 584202RaichurKarnataka
Merchad B.O 584134RaichurKarnataka
Merchthal B.O 584103RaichurKarnataka
Mirzapur B.O 584140RaichurKarnataka
Murhanpur B.O 584136RaichurKarnataka
Nelhal B.O 584103RaichurKarnataka
Puchaldinni B.O 584133RaichurKarnataka
Purtipli B.O 584202RaichurKarnataka
R R Station B.O 584102RaichurKarnataka
Raichur H.O 584101RaichurKarnataka
Raichur R.S. S.O 584101RaichurKarnataka
Rampur B.O 584102RaichurKarnataka
Sagamkunta B.O 584135RaichurKarnataka
Singanodi B.O 584102RaichurKarnataka
Sultanpur B.O 584113RaichurKarnataka
Talmari B.O 584140RaichurKarnataka
Turkondana B.O 584202RaichurKarnataka
Udamgal B.O 584133RaichurKarnataka
Upparhal B.O 584140RaichurKarnataka
Waddepalli B.O 584135RaichurKarnataka
Yadlapur B.O 584170RaichurKarnataka
Yapaladinni B.O 584102RaichurKarnataka
Yeganur B.O 584134RaichurKarnataka
Yeramarus S.O 584134RaichurKarnataka
Yergera S.O 584133RaichurKarnataka